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Adult Web Series: Do you also want to see an adult web series? Yes, you are in the right place. Because in this article, I will give you the top 10 list of Indian adult web series; after seeing that, you will demand even more adult web series. In this article, we also gave a link to HD and high-quality videos; if you are ready to watch, you can go to the link below.

Everyone likes to watch Hindi adult web series; if they see “web series adult” in Hindi, what would be better? In today’s time, there is so much craze for web series in India that people are not people Can do without looking. According to a survey, it was also downloaded in large numbers in addition to seeing the adult web series in lockdown. So you can guess that people would have downloaded “Download Adult Web Series” in thousands of such.

Therefore, in this MoviesVerse article, we will allow you to see Adult Web Series Online that you may not have seen to date. And these videos will meet you with high quality with all kinds of categories; just in one click, you can enjoy Adulting Web Series.

Download Adult Web Series – Best 10 Web Series

Below is a playlist of all new adult Hindi web series; you can choose the best video and watch it. Meanwhile, you can change the quality at the bottom if you want to change the rate.

Garam Masala – Hindi Adult Web Series

Garam Masala

Garam Masala Web Series: Ullu App’s Garam Masala Web Series will be released on Ullu App on 18 August 2023. If you have seen the trailer of Garam Masala and are eager to watch this web series, then you are at the right place. Because we have given below the link to watch this web series.

Palang Tod – Indian Adult Web Series


The video of Palang Todd Caretaker has been liked by people not only in India but all over the world. This video is one of the best hot adult web series directed by SSK. Palang Todd Caretaker is an Indian web series released on Ullu App. The genre of this Ullu web series is Drama, Romance, and Sex. You can watch all the episodes of this web series on the ullu app. This web series was released on 29 October 2021 on Ullu App.

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Talking about the story, it is about an Aayush who meets with an accident. He becomes paralyzed. A nurse named Shanaya comes to his house to take care of him. He makes a full recovery with Shanaya’s blessings. Still, Shanaya and Aayush start liking each other and having a physical relationship.

Aamras – Web Series Adult


“Aamras” is a forth Indian web-based series created by Ullu and will premiere on the 4th of April 2023 in the Hindi language. It’s an Desi adult web series created by Ullu. The show will be streamable on the official site and Ullu app. The leading roles in the show will be played in the part of Farhaan Ansari (Vinay). Riya Barde (Chutki). Bharti Jha (Bua).

Beta Aashiq Baap Ayyash – Online


This series is 18+ and based on Drama, Romance, and Sex. The extravagant character of the son, lover, and father is depicted in this series. Beta Aashiq, Baap Aayish is an Indian web series released on Ullu App. This is an Indian adult series. In which the main actors like Raj Nayani, Aditi Kohli, and Kanchan.

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Talking about the story, it is a story of a boy and a girl who are best friends. One day the boy brings the girl to his house to introduce her to her father. The boy’s father falls in love with the son’s girlfriend and starts having a physical relationship with her.

Aamras 2 – Adult Web Series Download

Aamras Part 2

Aamras Part 2 is an Ullu web series. Bharti Jha, Payal Patil, Riya Barde, Prity Dey, Seroshi Chatterjee, Arita Paul, and Seroshi Chatterjee played the principal role in this web-based show.Aamras was launched on August 22, 2023, and is only available through the Ullu App. Here’s the complete list of the cast as well as crew members of “Aamras Part 2”:

Maa Devrani Beti Jethani – AdultsSeries


Maa Devrani Beti Jethani High Rated adult web series watch online. This series is an adult series of Ullu app. Which will be released on 11 March 2022. The cast includes Mishti Basu as Jhanvi (Jethani), Priya Gamre as Sarla (Devrani, Mother), Prithvi Zutshi as Sohan Ali.

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This is the story of a single mother who has a daughter. His daughter gets married leaving him alone. The girl’s husband asks his younger brother to stay at his mother-in-law’s house. The girl’s mother and her brother-in-law fell in love and started having a physical relationship.

Chull – Adulting Web Series

Chull 1

The Chul web series on the Ullu OTT platform premiered on August 11, 2023. The series features Ritu Pandey, Alpita Banika Puneet Kaur Brar Gulab Singh, and Sandeep Narang in the lead roles. It’s an Indian adult web series created by Ullu. Chaul starts with a young girl being in love with a man who is older and falling in love with him. Later, the male is paired with a female. What happens in the future?

Charmsukh Series – “Must Watch”


Charmsukh Impotent Series is one of the best adult web series online in HD. The episode sees the entry of Geetashree Sheel (Rashmi), Nitin Kumar Ludhwani (Ajay), Alauddin Nabi, Shaikh (Saharsh), Rohit R Pardeshi (Karthik).

Talking about the story, it is the story of an impotent young businessman. He got treatment from many doctors, but his problem was not resolved. One day a girl who is blind comes to his office. The name of that girl is Rashmi. The boy offers Rashmi for marriage. Rashmi accepts the proposal and gets married. One day Rashmi comes to know that her husband is impotent.

Manmaniyan – Adult Hindi Series

Manmaniyan 1

Manmaniyan is the Ullu App’s Hindi Drama, Romance, and Fantasy web series featuring Aayushi Jaiswal and Suhana Khan in the lead part. The web series was created on behalf of the Ullu App. The date of release for Manmaniyan is set for Manmaniyan web series is 1 August 2023. The initial three episodes of the web series will be available via the Ullu App from 1 August 2023. You’ll need to subscribe to this app to watch this web series. Ullu App.

Hotspot Fantasy – New Adult web series


Fantasy Call Hotspot is an Indian web adult web series released on Ullu App. The genre of this Ullu web series is Drama, Romance, and Sex. You can watch all the episodes of this web series on the Ullu app. This web series was released on 30 November 2021 on Ullu App.

This story is about a young boy who is fond of online calls. The guy calls an online fantasy call agency and gets girls’ numbers. He becomes good friends with a girl. The girl called him to meet her at the hotel. As the boy enters the room, the girl and her boyfriend are in that room. Watch Fantasy Call Hotspot to know what will happen next.

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